How to Rid Your Life of Debt

How to Rid Your Life of Debt

Do you feel like you are in quick sand and sinking fast? Debt can make you feel like you are the captain of a sinking ship. But never fear there are plenty of ways to pull yourself out of debt, you just need to act decisively. Here is a guide that will give you hope and a game plan to get back your life back so you can start enjoying the future.

First off, you need to ascertain how much money you owe and who you owe it to. A good way to begin this process is by gathering together all your outstanding bills. The next step is to download your credit report from somewhere like Experian. Once you have ascertained the whole situation you have to call each creditor and offer to pay an amount you can afford. If they refuse escalate the enquiry to a manager or supervisor. In most situations you will be able to negotiate a reasonable repayment plan. In this instance always ask for it to be agreed in writing on headed paper.

Debt consolidation is a great way to reduce overall repayments and manage debt more effectively. There are lots of companies that offer this service be sure to research thoroughly online before your choose. If you are a homeowner it is possible to obtain to an equity release loan, which can be used to pay off the rest of your debt and reduce your repayments.

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Be frugal and cut back on luxuries. Analyse what you spend on a monthly basis, look at all of your bank statements and write down all of your expenses. Think about what you can live without and cut back on. This could include cable, reducing mobile phone tariffs, gym membership, smoking and other non-essential items. You will be surprised by how you can save.

The poor economy has seen many people fall into debt, which has meant a rise in demand for debt counselling services. These professional negotiators have a way of putting things which can result in reducing your overall debt and repayments by as much as 50%. However this might involve you paying a lump-sum. Debt counsellors do charge a fee but it is more than worth it if they can save you a large proportion of your debt.

Getting out of debt and staying that way can be tough the best way to do it is by changing your habits and becoming more aware of your finances and limitations. Unfortunately, many of us live in an increasingly materialistic world fuelled by the need to surround ourselves with stuff we do not necessarily need or could easily live without.

Try to save a certain percentage of your salary per month and put it in a savings account. Be careful and build up a safety fund for unexpected miscellaneous expenses. There are lots of savings and cash back sites which allow you to obtain savings and get money back on purchases, so if you do need to splurge at least you will get some money back. Follow these tips and you will get out of debt in no time.

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